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boss…yes u can do it…do wat fuckin idiot….transplant ur rotten brain…or get u an attitude lotion to make ur skin is derived from the Bengali word Kalikshetra, meaning 'ground of the Goddess Kali'...

when shes dancing which is kinda true lolz jess u dunt wear a thong with champ pants!!! god ur so stupid jess and u r a slut...

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aw ur little friends sticking up for you? how sweet. just delete ur god damn blog no one gives a shit about you anymore holy fuck. ur no better than the rest of these idiots here.

Goddess Lethe Villa is set close to a museum and a castle as well as Mnemossyne Artists House, Byzantine Castle Ruins and Amoudi Bay.

In later Sumerian traditions, she is the daughter of Nanna (Narrar), the Moon God and Ningal, the Moon Goddess (both of Ur).

Viper — God Is Ur Shield. Eze — God Knows Ur Mind.

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- using soap on ur pussy gonna fuck up ur pH bad. the vagina is a self cleaning device, and all u need is a really soft - hair holds onto scents v easily. wanna smell like a goddess????,,, spritz that hair.

gods kinderen van ur. Spend your few moment to read a book even only few pages. For some reasons, this gods kinderen van ur tends to be the representative book in this website.

spanish 2day but that ended pretty quick. history was blah, i was very hungry. lunch was...interesting as always thank GOD ur there ange or would die. and who r those ppl who show up everyday...

are u a genius do u reckon u hav what it takes to take on the house of night quiz is nyx ur goddess.

I am the goddess of darkness, bka nefertiti the foot goddess on ig. This is a channel of my favorite music, videos and my feet. =].

] ahh yes, i have a date on friday, go kohler, go kohler. yes its true, i got hook3ed up by my good friend chelsea (ur a goddess). yes her name is erin (very hot)...*drools*.

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